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There loiterers “heart” Queen McDonald tells people to colonize Restaurants annulling daily business, such as tables for hours and pieces of a small packet of fries ($ 1.39), the group say they are entitled to their clients and take their time. Much of … Read more a HREF = “http://www.cnbc.com/id/101342290″> rel = “Nofollow” HREF CNBC.com

Major Department Store Hack went unnoticed for five months Hackers penetrated the internal computer systems retailer Neiman Marcus to steal customer information credit card, five months before the company becomes aware of violations indicate New York Times Thursday. The company revealed in early January … Read more of TIME

In time BP chief fled Russia after the poison was found in his blood At the time, BP and its partners are Russia at war. There are signs that both sides are trying to push the rest of the company, or at least benefit from a working relationship. Always, the Kremlin seems to be siding with … Read more about Quartz