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U.S. commits $ 380M Aid to Syria civil

Syria commits 0m U.S. civilian aid I have been called a troll because I disagree with most of the “Help”, that the U.S. government spread to the world. Most of the time help from the United States to civilians comes after the intervention of the United States through its military on left … Read more on TIME

beaten and exploited, Hong Kong is an Indonesian Maids “Modern Day Slaves” Five days have passed, it is still in the hospital, but she says, TIME Shomat uncle is doing better. “We were surprised, and we feel he tried to see her in this state,” he said. (More: Indonesia calls for better migrant worker Protection). If she … Read more on TIME

Obama will probably OK Phone Record of changes officials say In another revelation of the NSA’s activities, The New York Times reported Tuesday that the agency is software implanted in nearly 100,000 computers around the world – but not in United States – United States allows a monitoring … Read more TIME