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Hillary Clinton campaign Rentals List Email to Pro-Hillary super PAC Seth Bringman, spokesman for the super PAC, told TIME on Sunday to “Ready for Hillary rent the mailing list to hillaryclinton.com contact past supporters. “It is not uncommon for political campaigns defeated rent their email lists .. . Read more about

CEO of Independence: Time Get Warner Cable 0 Charter long been expected to submit a bid in the low to mid $ 130 tons of cable company probably Share Offer. Time Warner Cable is said to be looking closer to buying offer of $ 150 per share or more. Liberty Media CEO Greg MAFFEI throw some cold water on … Read more about

Watch America is still frozen in time running out of space Hercules, ionic, polar vortices bad Disney movie and marketing coming winter freeze and the United States. Scientists expect temperatures were recorded in two decades as low as-30F (-34C). Here you can see happening from space by NASA … Read more about all day with AL.com BCS Championship: Auburn … FSU … Time … Coach We heard Auburn Gus Malzahn can predict the BCS Championship game tonight to begin with a little rocky for both teams as they adapt to each other and to the site and shake the rust off long layoffs. “The first quarter is the time-out feeling … Read more relative =” Nofollow “HREF HREF =”http://swampland.time.com/2014/01/05/hillary-clinton-rents-email-list-to-pro-hillary-super-pac/”> The Birmingham News – al.com