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TIME talks columnist about his latest play by Jon Stewart Steven Brill, who last year authored Bitter Pill, in-depth look at the system of healthcare billing industry AMA puzzling appeared on the Daily Show on Thursday to discuss his latest column time, lexamines some of the early effects … Read more about TIME

contrarians Gold say it’s time , to begin to buy As the “financial markets always do whatever rewards the lowest people, the most powerful rally in 2014 therefore is extremely unlikely, “said Kaplan, and almost everyone will be surprised when gold reached a new high at the end or beginning of 2014 2015 of all time. Read more on MarketWatch

Toxicity motel room mother spoke publicly for the first time Williams is in critical condition and unconscious for a while after he was found unconscious in the room she shared with Jeffrey. “In my vision I saw him just sitting on the edge of the bed and hold IPAD, while playing the game … Read more about New York Daily News